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まついいっぺいあきつゆこ / なつのぜんぶ (2LP盤)

型番 LA-20625
販売価格 3,520円(税込)

嶺川貴子さんのDLアルバムのアートワークや書籍などの装画も手掛け、BREAKfASTのギタリストでもあった松井一平と、竹村延和主宰のChildiscやジム・オルーク主宰のMOIKAI、Thrill Jockeyからソロアルバムをリリースし、ゑでぃまぁこんの二人と松井一平とのユニット〈わすれろ草〉でも活動する音楽家・アキツユコによる2008年リリースの共作「なつのぜんぶ」。ノスタルジーとファンタジーの境界線を綱渡りする日常に寄り添う小品集。suspiria、SPASMOM、NASCA CARなどを渡り歩く吉田ヤスシが参加。

2008年に松井一平とアキツユコがプライベートな制作物として作り、のちにCD-Rでリリースしていた「なつのぜんぶ」がリマスタリングされ、UKのレコード・ストア兼レーベルAll Night Flightから2LP仕様として再発!!

2008年の夏を通して線路脇の古い日本家屋で録音された、最小限の音数に絞られた素描のようなオルガン、ピアノ、シンセサイザー。内省的なギターのフィードバックやフィールド音の隙間やそこに漂う時間の中から立ち昇る、ひと夏の日常をパッケージした美しい小曲集。ポルトガルの作曲家Nuno Canavarroの『Plux Quba』に通じるものを感じ取ることもできるが、プライベートな雰囲気に包まれ、不思議な旋律に満たされた独特の世界観は、他に比較ができない孤高の音楽。

アキツユコは竹村延和のChildisc、シカゴのThrill Jockey、Jim O'Rourke主宰のMoikai、そして最近ではRvng Intlなどからソロ作品をリリース。松井一平はTEASIや、MALIMPLIKI、SOCIO LA DIFEKTAなどハードコアパンクのバンド活動の他、画家としても越境的に創作活動をしている。また、2人はわすれろ草でもバンド活動を共にしている。ゲストには、Suspiria、Nasca Car、Spasmom等を経て現在ではbonanzas、OBOO、そしてソロや数々のセッションで活動する異端声楽家吉田ヤスシが4曲参加。

リマスタリングはMiles Whittaker(オリジナルミックスは稲田誠)、2LP見開きジャケット仕様。
(pianola records)

Longgg time in the works second release on the shop's humble in-house label finally birthed into existence via Japanese couple Ippei Matsui and Aki Tsuyuko with their 27-track strong, homemade private epic 'Natsu No Zenbu'. A profound and intensely intimate collection of songs written at home throughout the summer of 2008, spurred-on after a move to an old-styled Japanese house in the countryside, as Aki explains.. 'We found that an old Japanese house with 13 rooms was being rented at a really cheap price, around 40 minutes from Nagoya, just around the border between Gifu and Aichi. We decided to move there right away'. Enjoying the freedom and secluded atmosphere of their new surroundings, they naturally began recording in their new space, day-by-day becoming more in-sync with the environment and making music to suit the pace of daily life. The collection is centred around Aki's minimalistic organ and piano pieces, subtly processed electronics and Ippei's introspective moments of guitar feedback, heavily immersed within the surroundings of their natural habitat tucked safely away from the fast pace of the city.

There's a distinct homey atmosphere, laced heavy with nostalgia. A train passes by, insects croaking in the distance and the sound of rain falling outside. At times it feels as though you could be intruding on their privacy just by listening in, although we're offered an alternative, simpler view of the world by two musicians creating natural music for themselves. Aki's simplistic, dreamlike organ play works in perfect harmony with Ippei's gently strummed guitar work, conjuring other-worldly atmospheres entrenched in a sense of child-like innocence. It genuinely feels as if you could have been hearing this music all along, although you can't be sure with the sounds and languages equally familiar and inviting as they are foreign.

It'd be wrong to single out any of the tracks individually, each playing a part in building the unique environment. Comparisons for such singularly beautiful, outsider / DIY releases are near-impossible, yet Nuno Canavarro's enchanting minimalist classic Plux Quba, Satie's romanic reductionism or the home-grown, everyday sounds within Ernest Hood's Neighbourhoods would be a good place to start. A genuine pleasure to be able to put out and finally share this special work from two true artists. Aki & Ippei explain it more simply, 'we want our music to sound like everyday life'.

Natsu No Zenbu (All Of Summer) originally appeared CDr in 2008 and was given to close friends, guests at their wedding, a few stores in Japan and even trickled over to the All Night Flight site way before the shop was a thing. This gatefold 2LP comes remastered by Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare) and manufactured by Pallas, including original artwork insert made by Ippei, riso-printed by John Powell-Jones.

Side One
1. ひさしぶり Long Time No See
2. トラベル Travel
3. 他人の庭 Stranger's Garden
4. 昼間のピアノ Afternoon Piano
5. ベラドンナ Belladonna
6. 黄色のまち Yellow Town
7. 天狗の園 Tengu's Paradise
8. 空の人 A Visitor From The Sky

Side Two
1. 刺繍 Embroidery
2. 日記 Diary
3. ゆたか荘 Yutaka-So
4. おおきな黒い月 A Big Black Moon
5. イルカの仕事 Dolphin's Job
6. 松虫通 Matsumushi Street

Side Three
1. 夢の新山口 Dream Shin-Yamaguchi
2. 8月 August
3. 金魚の10年 A Decade Of Goldfish
4. 皆既日食 Total Solar Eclipse
5. 蜂と母 My Mom And Wasps
6. ふくさんの水 Water From Fuku-san
7. ゆげ Vapors
8. 消える遊び Passing Game

Side Four
1. 果物と瓶 Fruit And Bottle
2. ハトの仕事 Pigeon's Job
3. どんな世界 What A World
4. 奇跡の昼 Miracle Noon
5. グラントワ Grant Toit



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